How to grow Zinnia Flowers and Zinnia Care

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Grow Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia flowers (Zinnia Elegans) are very colorful and an addition to your garden that it will make it vibrant. With so many different colors and growing habits such as tall and dwarf, planting zinnias in your garden is worth it. In this article, you will learn how to plant zinnias in your garden.

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How to grow Zinnia Plants

Growing zinnia doesn’t cost you a bomb. In fact, it is so easy and cheap to grow zinnia, if you are starting the plants from seeds. Zinnia plants are started from seeds. You can plant zinnia seeds yourself or you can buy zinnia plants in a pack from your local plant nursery or a garden center.

Sowing from Zinnia Seeds

Seeds of zinnia flowers have to be directly sown. They can be sown in a container where it will grow or out in the ground. Once germinated, zinna seedlings don’t like their roots disturbed. Zinnia plants don’t transplant very well. So, if you wish to start growing zinnia plants indoors first, then plant them in plugs or small pots. So that while transplanting zinnias they dont get into transplanting shock.


Tips on Zinnia Care


Once the zinnia plants have started growing, pay attention to watering them. They don’t like their foliage too wet. Zinnia leaves that are too wet are prone to Powdery Mildew. This is an important point to remember when it comes to zinnia care.

Zinnia plants don’t need too much water and also avoid overheat watering. Keep the foliage and the flowers dry. With right amount of watering, you can keep the zinnia plants happy and flowering for a long time.

Deadheading Zinnia Plants

Deadheading is another important aspect in growing zinnia flowers. You might be wondering “What is dead heading?”. Deadheading is a gardening term used for the removal of dead flowers or spent flowers that are withering or fading away. Deadheading is done to maintain the plants appearance and also to ensure the flowering continues. It is a known fact that when a plant produces seed from its flowers( especially in Annuals), it stops growing and reduces flowering. Production of seeds somehow concludes its purpose in the world. Amazing isn’t it?

These are some of the tips on how to grow zinnia. Not just zinnias, you can apply these to many other flowers. Now you know how to grow zinnias, you can easily make a wonderful garden with zinnias. Go! grow some zinnia flowers in your garden.